Here a few questions riders ask me about my Uber business.

How do I use Uber to ride or drive?

On your smartphone, download the Uber app which applies to your interest. Download the application and be sure to plug in my promo code: JOANNEF27

How long have you been driving?

I have been driving for myself with Uber over a year and I love it.

What do you love about Uber?

I am making a ton of money every single week. Ask me how or sign-up below.

Send Free Rides to Friends (not really a question)

Send this link to your friends (up to $5 for free rides):  Ride with Jodie (click link)

I drive for myself and you, but Uber makes this all possible – insured!  If you want to drive, please go to this link:  Become an Uber Driver (click link)

How did you become an Uber driver?

I was looking for some ways to make extra money and then I was laid off and this was my ticket to freedom and I get to meet lots of people everyday.

Do you get bad passengers?

Every passenger I come in contact with shares a little of themselves and gives me an opportunity to appreciate a great diversity of human beings. I truly enjoy talking to people and getting to know them; my passengers are typically great and I love to give them 5-star ratings.

Is Uber driving dangerous?

I don’t consider it any more dangerous than driving any car on a regular basis. Uber takes away most of the risk factors when dealing with customers by managing the money and the client-base.  In that aspect, I feel there is minimal risk concerning me driving for Uber.

Anyone ever vomited in your car?

No, but I have provisions in place just in case. So, please don’t.

Can I smoke in here?

Non-smoking vehicle. 

Can I bring this drink with me?

No alcoholic beverages per state law.

How much do you drive?

I typically drive 4 to 5 hours a day or depending on what is going on in the city I am in.

Do you have a phone charger?


Do you have any gum in here?


Do you know where you are going?

Yes. I use Waze (have you heard of it?) which typically gives me the best way to go, but if my passengers have a better way, I adapt.

How much is the trip going to cost me?

All ride fares are managed by Uber.  The application allows you to accept the fee in the beginning or decline. Uber is readily accessible in any city and much more affordable than most taxis and limousine services.