Drive your own business today!

IMG_3641Hi! My name is Jodie and I have been driving my clients for Uber for over a year.  If I have driven you, it was my pleasure.

I’ve coined a new term Uberpreneur and am in business for myself to serve those who need assistance with my newfound venture.

If you were referred to this website, please ride along as I share my money making “Freedom Business” experience with you.

Uber makes my life so much easier and I now visit friends and family, work when I want and experience life like never before.  You can to!

* Song about me written by Preston Camp, Jr. – “Freedom’s Ride”

All of my mileage and repairs are tax-deductible and I get to meet new friends and recommend restaurants and things-to-do via tips and ideas from my riders.

I drive for myself and you, but Uber makes this all possible – insured!  If you want to drive, please go to this link and use my promo code:  Become an Uber Driver (click link)

Send this link to your friends (up to $5 for free rides):  Ride with Jodie (click link)

To become driver you will need the following:

  • A good profile picture
  • Driver’s License
  • Current auto insurance
  • Photo of your registration (blue sticker on your windshield)
  • 2003 year model or younger vehicle

** it takes about 3-days to confirm your driver account.  Be sure and use my promo code above. 

Please share this page with a friend!

How to make money with Uber. A day-in-life with Jodie in Houston.  Straight from the front-lines interview with Jodie as she explains the perks of being a mobile business driver.

Livestream Part 1 (Facebook)

Livestream Part 2 (Facebook)

Livestream Part 3 (Facebook)

Let_s ride!
** Please check with my schedule. When I am not in my home market, I am Uber-cationing with friends in their city, but drive while I am in town to meet new clients.

Over 296 – 5 Star Rides and 18 badges of excellence as of (May 20, 2018)!





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