My business referrals!

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Check out some of the businesses I support and who support me. Mention Jodie when you contact them!

If you would like your business to be featured on this page, please contact me by e-mail at for my referral program which includes a vendor packet hand delivered, personal referrals, or features on my website.

I will drive over 1,000 riders in 4 major cities in Texas this year and plan to have thousands visiting my website via shares and likes from my riders who will refer it to their network.

My clients come from all walks of life from international business, local workers, young and old, vacationers, and attendees of special events.  They ask about the area, places to see, good food, and often I can connect them to good customers I have met along the way that they need to know.

Marketing Dynamics – Based in Houston (

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Click link. Legal defense should you ever defend yourself.


Click link to learn about this breakthrough technology.

Send this link to your friends (up to $5 for free rides):  Ride with Jodie (click)



I drive for myself, but Uber makes this all possible – insured!  If you want to drive, please go to this link and use my promo code:  Become an Uber Driver (click)

Over 296 – 5 Star Rides and 18 Badges of Excelence as of (May 20, 2018)!





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